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What is Instagram’s ‘quarantine duvet dress challenge’?

If your work from home style amid the coronavirus pandemic has evolved from wearing real clothes to wrapping yourself in blankets, the time has come to embrace it with Instagram’s latest fashion challenge.

As fashionistas stick closer to home in the global fight against COVID-19, the lighthearted fad makes a case for getting all dressed up with nowhere to go – but bed. In the so-called quarantine duvet dress challenge, Instagram users have been bundling themselves up in comforters, duvets and quilts, then cinching the blankets at the waist for the DIY design.

The surprisingly chic looks have been trending on the platform through April with the hashtags #QuarantineDuvetDress, #DuvetDress and #DuvetChallenge. Hilariously, some participants have even accessorized with pillows and toilet paper rolls as must-have handbags. Others got glam with sunglasses, heels and glasses of wine.

“It was time to change the sheets, so seemed OK to take it outside for a dress/gown photo shoot before it’s thrown into the machine for a good clean,” one user joked.

“Tonight’s outfit sorted for Zoom cocktails with the girls. I’m taking any excuse to get dressed up at this stage,” another agreed.

The quarantine duvet dress challenge arguably pays homage to its predecessor, the quarantine pillow challenge, which had Instagrammers similarly styling large bedroom pillows like makeshift dresses earlier this month.

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