Quarantine eats: Recipe searches for homemade fettuccine are up 471 percent, Pinterest says

Home chefs have stepped up their game while sticking closer to home during the coronavirus pandemic, mastering homemade breads, specialty coffees and Disney-approved dishes. Aspiring foodies, however, are apparently getting hungry for something a bit more substantial as the weeks wear on and they’re really craving oodles of noodles, new findings from Pinterest claim.

According to a Wednesday report from the image-sharing blog site, searches for diverse noodle dishes have surged in recent weeks. Searches for “homemade fettuccine noodles” of Italy have risen 471 percent, while the Polynesian-inspired “Ohana noodle recipe” was up 394 percent.

Likewise, inquiries for Japanese “beef ramen noodles” were up 320 percent, the Jewish “noodle kugel recipe” rose 284 percent and Chinese “biang biang noodles” spiked 113 percent.

In terms of methodology, increases were calculated by comparing normalized searches from the four-week period of Feb. 24 to March 22, to the four-week span of March 23 to April 19, Pinterest said.

Pinners in Germany are ready to incorporate fresh spring veggies into their diets; as queries for a “green asparagus noodle recipe” have surged with 13-times more searches.

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