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New TikTok trend has users attempting a hairstyle inspired by Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’

TikTok’s users seem to be inventing new challenges and trends by the minute, presumably to help entertain themselves under lockdown. But for every silly, creative challenge (see: the “I’m Just a Kid” challenge, or the “Travel From Home” challenge), there’s one where they just decide to start urinating in their pants out of boredom. (Don’t Google that. And if you do, don’t say we didn’t warn you.)


Thankfully one of the latest fads — known simply as the “Money Heist” or “pencil bun” challenge — isn’t nearly as off-putting. In fact, it’s rather tame.

Inspired by the Spanish series “Money Heist,” which gained widespread popularity after being picked up on Netflix, girls across TikTok are dramatically tying their hair up in pencil buns, à la Inspector Raquel Murillo, one of the fictional characters on the show. Almost all of the videos are also scored to the song “Bella Ciao,” an Italian protest song which recurs throughout the series.

As noted by Allure, most of the women taking part in the fad have accompanied their videos with jokes about getting down to serious business, usually involving some Internet sleuthing, some deception or even cleaning up after a messy kid.

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